Tajikistan Mountain Adventure along the Pamir Highway


9 days

Tailor Made

Price from $982 




  • Driving the Pamir Highway, one of the world’s most beautiful drives
  • Experiencing homestays and pastoral life of the High Pamirs
  • Exploring the legendary Wakhan Corridor
  • Following the ancient Oxus River alongside Afghanistan
  • Meeting the local Tajiks and Pamirs, and the nomad Kyrgyz of the high plateaus

The Pamir Highway is undoubtedly one of the world’s most adventurous roads and yet few Westerners have ever travelled its length. Our journey begins in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, from where we head east to Kalai-Khumb to meet the Amu Darya River (the ancient Oxus) and follow it upstream alongside the Afghan border into the Wakhan Corridor. This narrow valley, which lies between the mighty Pamirs and the Hindu Kush mountains, once formed a highly strategic buffer zone between the British and Russian empires during the era of ‘The Great Game’ in the 19th century. Today this corridor is being eyed by China as a possible new trading route to regenerate their plans on the historical Silk Road.

In true M41 Travel style there will be ample time to explore on foot and meet with local Tajiks, who preserved the unique lingo-cultural heritage of ancient Arian, Zoroastrian culture, and Persian (languages, music, folksongs, dances and other habitations skills. Combining some of the world’s most striking mountain scenery with homestays with the most hospitable locals and an ancient culture that hasn’t changed for thousands of years, this is very much a trip for the exploratory traveler.