Tajikistan and Afghanistan: Wakhan Adventure


17 days

Tailor Made

Price from $1685

Max Group Size 12



  • Being one of the few to have visited Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor
  • Staying in a Tajik homestay
  • Enjoying the hospitality of the Wakhi people
  • Exploring the Little Pamirs of Afghanistan over high-altitude passes and through colorful nomadic encampments.
  • Driving along the famous Pamir Highway
  • Phenomenal views of both the Hindu Kush and the Pamir Mountain ranges

Wakhan is a land so remote that few outsiders have ever ventured there. Yet through Wakhan flowed a vital branch of the grand trans-Asian artery known as the Silk Road, linking east to west. Petroglyphs depicting warriors, hunting scenes, caravans and Buddhist history, bear silent witness to the tracks of tradition, and offer the visitor a glimpse into the rich heritage of pilgrims, caravans and armies that once traversed the classic route.

From Dushanbe in Tajikistan, we will first travel into the Tajik Pamir to witness life here before heading to the Afghan border and into the Wakhan Valley. We will make our way slowly up the valley, visiting villages, taking some day walks and enjoying some traditional Afghan hospitality. We will stay in basic guesthouses throughout our time in Afghanistan as we discover the delights of this famed region.

This is a trip right out there on the edge of civilization: we will find no mobile reception, internet access or even electricity for the most part! What we will experience here though takes us back to another century when people lived in a very different way – unlike so many you hear about; this trip is a true adventure of a life time.