Pamir Active Family Adventure

Tajikistan_4-0112 days

Tailor Made

Price from $1100




  • Search for rare Marco Polo sheep in the Eastern Pamirs by riding yaks
  • Boat and fish in Yashilkul lake
  • Altitude Volleyball in Bulunkul, the coldest place of Tajikistan
  • Hike to explore a small village located in the mountains of the Bartang valley

Enjoy a spectacular family adventure that combines some of the best that Pamirs has to offer. A wonderful mix of moderate trekking, culture and lots of fun activities, it is a perfect introduction to this fascinating and beautiful mountainous area. Set against the backdrop of some of the most breathtaking mountain ranges on earth, you’ll experience yak riding and a chance to search for some of the rarest wildlife in Asia.

Beginning from Tajikistan’s capital, you will head to the Pamirs for a hike to Jizew village of Bartang valley to experience the unimagined hospitality, and kindness of the villagers.

Next, head to the Eastern part of the Pamirs through the Wakhan valley travelling through wide valleys and watching the lunar landscapes. Amongst these stunning mountain landscapes, you will have time to enjoy treks, historical sites, and picturesque lakes before heading on to the next stage of the adventure. Finally, return to Dushanbe to explore the city’s rich culture.