Welcome to Tajikistan! Welcome to the Pamirs!

Tajikistan is a land of great diversity. Although it is almost completely mountains, there is a great difference between the life of the pastoral farmers of the valleys of the Pamir and Fan mountains, and the semi nomadic Kyrgyz herders who tend their flocks and live in yurts on the high plains at 4000 m around Murghab. There is another contrast with the people who live in the hot and fertile Ferghana valley in the north, and those on the baking plains in the south stretching down to the Amu River, the border with Afghanistan.

Tajikistan is a country for the traveler rather than the tourist. It is a place for those ready to take the road less known, who want to discover a wild and beautiful landscape, meet warm, wonderfully hospitable people and walk in the steps of the giants of history from Alexander the Great to Tamerlane. Along the way, adventure will surely strike.